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CTEC Energy

Ctec Energy uses advanced Conversion technology (ACT) to turn worst type of plastic into a fuel, creating electricity and hot water in a small, local “waste to Energy” Gasification plant with cleaner emissions than European Standards. One CTEC Green Power Network system utilizes 500 kg/h of residual domestic or medical waste, and generates 250 Kwh of electricity and 1.4 MW of heat. It uses plastic, rubber, wood, biomass and paper wastes. One system needs only 3500 sq. ft. floor space. Spectratek is the sole representative of CTEC Energy (www.ctectenergy.co.uk ) in India. 


ELENO Energy LLP is a Pune based company providing comprehensive engineering services and CAE training to students and industry professionals. ELENO is committed to bridge the gap between Engineering Industry and Engineering Universities. ELENO is sales partner of Spectratek for CAE software “Meshwork” in Pune region in India.

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