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Spectratek is a distributor of ‘Detroit Engineered Products’ CAE software called MeshWorks in western part of India. Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is an Engineering Solutions and Product Development Company with headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA. DEP has the footprints in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and India.

Key Benefits that DEP MeshWorks offers to User

  • Comprehensive FE/CFD pre & post processor with powerful tools for CAD clean-up, meshing, highly automated model assembly and results processing
  • Highly automated meshing and model assembly tools reduce CAE model building time by 40 to 50%
  • With the patented Auto-parametrization technology the meshed models in MW8 automatically become parametric CAE models enabling subsequent fast design changes
  • The Associative Modeler in MW8 rapidly updates CAE models as CAD changes, dramatically reducing time for model updates
  • The Integrated Modeler in MW8 generates multiple attribute models (Crash, NVH, Durability, CFD etc.) from one single data base eliminating parallel efforts required to create multiple models
  • Customer CAE processes can be rapidly automated resulting in 2x to 10x time reduction using MW8’s highly graphical Process Automation Environment with zero scripting skills needed
  • Existing FE & CFD models can be converted to intelligent parametric CAE models, enabling fast design iterations & Design of Experiment (DOE) studies
  • MW8 enables Multi-Disciplinary Optimization to meet design targets, minimize product weight and manufacturing cost using parametric CAE models


Tetra Mesh

Quad dominant Mesh

Extruded Hex Mesh

Hybrid shell-solid Mesh


Seam Welding with solid elements

Auto Bolt Creation

Post Processing

Contouring & Result Query

Iso View


Resultant curve Plot 

Logarithmic scale Plot 

Customized Engineering Process Automation

Multi-Disciplinary Optimization

Resultant curve Plot 

Multi-Disciplinary Optimization

CAE Parameterization

Design Enablers

Fillet Radius Change parameter

Auto reinforcement creation

CAE Morphing

Full System Morphing

Concept Modeling

Concept Modeling

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